Execution of design works



  develops engineering documentation for divisions:
  - Process decisions;  
  - Automation of technological processes;
  - General layout and transport;
  - Architectural and construction decisions;
  - Power supply;  
  - Communication and alarm;  
  - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning; 
  - Water supply and sewage;
  - Gas supply;
  - Environmental protection, ecological passport;
  - Organization and labor conditions of employees;
  - Organization of construction;
  - Engineering and other technical measures of civil defense. Measures for emergency situations prevention;
  - Estimate documentation;
  - Efficiency of investments;
  - Environmental influence evaluation;
  - Personnel and social development.


 - Inspection of civil structures of buildings and structures; development of design plans and specification;
 - Plans for localizations and liquidation of incidents and emergencies at dangerous industrial objects;
 - Working out and examination of declarations for industrial  safety of dangerous industrial objects;
 - Calculations of fire hazard categories, power indices (energy potential, destruction area etc.) for explosive objects;
 - Working out of regulations for exploitation of the designed productions;
 - Documents related to pre-project ecology and sanitary evaluation of the possibility of location of an object of the planned economic activity;
 - Tender documentation for purchasing of the equipment on the basis of competition;
 - Supervision support, technical support and designer’s supervision of design objects during the whole construction period.